I am committed to cultivating clarity, confidence and deep connection to ourselves and our communities. As catalysts for radical personal and collective change — which we all are — we have the power of our own creativity and the present moment.

As a transformational coach, I partner with artists, activists and social visionaries for clarity, courage and inside-out transformation in work, life and love. As an engagement strategist, I work with non-profits, small business owners, individual artists, solo-preneurs and cultural creatives to develop and implement strategic visioning and communications planning in order to cultivate their online sensibility, grow their ventures and their communities. I’m here to help you fall in love with the process of creating your life and your dreams.

Whether it be the desire to live a vibrant and meaningful life or a juicy campaign idea, my skills as a communicator and an Empowerment Institute certified Life Coach and Empowerment Practitioner are put to good use. Learn more about coaching with me.

Find out more about why I do what I do, see what projects I am in the thick of, join me this summer (!), relish in my perspective about any number of things (from current affairs to other culturally relevant issues like youth culture as capitalism fodder), sign up for my newsletterconnect with me, and of course, hire me. Enjoy!